Vision & Mission


The institution adopts, as its goals, the best from our rich and varied heritage and inculcates IT into the curriculum to bring about all round development of the students. The school endeavour to bring about a harmonious blend between the tradional and progessive method of education. One of the aims of the school is toinspire creativity amongst students, by encouraging them to discover their enate talent and aptitudes.


In the contemporary era of striving for excellence in every domain of life success synonym with grit, perseverance and faith in onself. White congnitive aspect is given prime attention nowdays, the emotional behaviour compatibility can not be ignored. A proper balance has to be struct between individuals's progessional and achievements that of his roots and moral values,that would enable to become a successful human being.
We wish to sensitize each and evey child towards world issues such as global warning and depletion of flora and fauna.. efforts compliment our aspiriant. Education can not be alienated from social issues like poverty, unemployment etc. so,school undertakes such projects as skill development of below poverty line women, slum visits, cleanlines of villages, scouts and guides. Our programmes are activity based, challenging and stimulating, leading to be an ability to learn independently.

  • Vill. Surana, Rewari Road, Narnaul
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